Things to Consider Before Learning How to Play Electric Piano

Are you itching to play an electric piano? If you want to be a better pianist someday, you need to start from the very beginning. Since not everyone can afford an acoustic piano, why not start with an electric piano instead? But before you start your lessons, here are the following things that you should know first. 

1.   Choose your favorite song

Choose a song you love and you know you will enjoy playing. There are lots of good piano covers out there. You don’t need to jump into difficult pieces of Paganini or Beethoven. Even the opening song from Frozen can be a good starter. What’s important is that you have the motivation of starting to play the piano. 

2.   Have an inspiration

It could be your friends or your family. You can play for them as a form of entertainment. Don’t think too much of grand piano concert halls. As long as you have an electric keyboard, you can pretty much play whenever and wherever you like. Have someone who will motivate you into learning more about how to play the piano. And don’t think of it as a race. even the famous pianists struggled for so many years before they finally had a glimpse of playing the piano. 

3.   Think of playing piano as a career

If your love for piano is really deep, you will find yourself thinking about it as a career. By all means, you can be a piano teacher, a performer, or a conductor. It also means that you need to put extra effort into practicing your piano. There are standardized exams that you need to pass before you can earn both your license and title. 

4.   Choose the right electric piano

For starters, it is important that you buy the best electric piano for you. If you buy a cheap keyboard that produces poor quality sound, you will be convinced that you don’t really know how to play at all. Hence, it is important that you start learning piano with a high-quality model. You can make the most out of your practice session. 

5.   Learn to recognize emotions in music

By listening to the song that you want to play, you can recognize the emotion of the pianist. Play by your heart and you’ll be able to hone your skills. Reading music is an important skill for a good pianist but it is often overlooked. By knowing not just how to interpret the notes and thoroughly reading the music, you are on your way to the success of becoming a great pianist in the future.  

Keep these practice tips in mind and you’ll be able to hone your piano skills accordingly. If you look upon the greatest pianists, with hard work and determination, you will later become one of them someday. Playing the piano is not something that you can start and leave as soon as you’re bored. It requires commitment, passion, and of course, great love for music.